How do I enter or add an act?

We try to keep things simple at seedership.  In fact, one of the reasons we always spell seedership with a small ‘s’ is to remind us to keep it simple and every act matters, no matter how small.  That’s why we spent a lot of time making the process to enter an act as easy as possible.  If you have all the information to enter, it will take you less than two minutes to enter an act.  

First, go to your Profile page in the seedership application.

At the top of your Profile page click on the New act


This will take you to the act entry screen to enter a new act.

Here are a couple of quick tips: The more data you enter into the system the more robust your profile will look and your reporting will work. Also, at the bottom of each page under the Continue/Submit button is a list of required fields.  If nothing is showing, you completed all fields on the page.  Now, let's get started.

The first part of entering an act is telling your story.  This video will walk you through those steps...

The step is entering your data.  This video will walk you through those steps...

 How far back should I go when I am entering acts?

That is up to you.  We encourage you to go back at least five acts to build out your profile.  But, if you want to go back farther, that is ok.  What is most important is that you feel comfortable with the information in your profile.    

What do I write about when entering an act?

This is probably the most common question we get!  It was so common that one of our co-founders wrote a blog about it.  You can view the entire blog here.  Here are a few tips…

  • Bring your Experience to Life: Using the right imagery to help people get a feel for your experience.
  • Promote the Organization or Cause You’re Supporting: Think of this as an opportunity to create awareness and share their mission: why what they do is important and what their needs are. Bring attention to their team and the important work they do.
  • Shine the Spotlight on the Volunteers You’re With: Take this as an opportunity to celebrate how people came together, worked as a team, and the power of their collaboration.
  • Focus on Those Who Benefit as a Result: Ultimately, it’s all about who is being helped, whether its an individual, group of people, the environment or otherwise.
  • Be Grateful and Say Thank You: Most importantly, show your gratitude for the opportunity to make a difference.
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