I can't find an organization in the Organization Supported (nonprofit) search bar.

We find there are a few common reasons an organization cannot be found. 

1. The organization is not a nonprofit - The Organization Supported selection only contains registered nonprofits.  If the organization you supported is not a nonprofit, it will not be listed.  You can reference the organization in the Act Description and use the Category drop down section to label your act. 

2. Organization is not based in the United States - We use the IRS database file for a listing of all nonprofit organizations in the United States.  If your organization is not a US based organization, it will not be in our database.  You can use the Category drop down section to label your act. 

3. The organization is using multiple names - Some organizations use multiple names.  The name in the database will be the name they use when filing their required forms with the IRS.  Make sure you are using the correct name when searching for the organization.

4. The organization is not in the database - We try to keep the database updated but there are times when an organization cannot be found.  In those situations, please contact us at support@seedership.com with the Employer Identification Number and Name of the organization you are trying to find.  We will check the database and identify the problem.


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