How do I edit images/pictures on the seedership platform?

You can edit pictures on the platform during the act entry or act editing process.  You can also re-position images that are featured on your Total Kindness Impact Profile page.

To edit pictures in the act entry or act editing process...

1. Scroll over the image you wish to edit.  A green edit button will appear.  Click on the green edit button.

2. You will be taken to the edit image function.  From this page you will be able to rotate the image, move the image or crop the image.


3. Once you have completed editing, click on the Save Changes button.  If you wish to cancel the edits, click on the Cancel button.  Clicking on the Save Changes and Cancel button will take you back to the act entry process.

To re-position an image on the Total Kindness Impact Profile page...

1. Access your Total Kindness Impact Profile.

2. Scroll over the image you wish to move or reposition.

3. Click on the Reposition button.

4. Use your mouse to reposition the image and then click the Save button. 

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