Free Trial: Getting started on seedership

In the free trial, you have access to the Connect Package with up to 20 users.  The Connect Package has the most robust features on the platform.

In this guide, we touch on some of the most important features in your 30-day free trial. We'll introduce you to the core concepts and focus on areas of the platform that will most help you to understand the value of what you give back and help tell your story in the community.

If you wish to watch an overview videos of seedership’s primary functions, click on this link to see videos of how to Track and Measure, Share and Connect, and Recognize and Inspire. 

Lesson 1: Getting around in seedership

As an admin, you have access to all features on the platform. The following table gives an overview of each of the primary navigation features that you can access.





TKI Score Button

This button shows your overall TKI score.  Click on it to be taken back to the main profile page.


New Act Button

Click on this button to enter a new act on the platform.


Account Drop Down

This drop-down menu allows you to navigate to the various parts of the platform.


Admin Center Button

Click on this button to access the admin center for the platform.  In the admin center you can manage your business profile info, manage acts, manage admins, and access reporting.


Team Center Button

Click on this button to access features to invite team members, see platform usage and access individual profiles.

Lesson 2: Start building your profile

We try to keep things simple at seedership.  In fact, one of the reasons we always spell seedership with a small ‘s’ is to remind us to keep it simple and every act matters, no matter how small.  That’s why we spent a lot of time making the process to enter an act as easy as possible.  If you have all the information to enter, it will take you less than two minutes to enter an act.  

Click to access the tutorial: How do I add an act?

Once an act is entered, you can adjust how you want the act to be presented on the platform.  You can make acts public or private  

Click to access the tutorial: How do I manage acts?

Lesson 3: Engage your team


With the Connect package, then you have the ability to have multiple individual kindness profiles, multiple administrators and highlight team stories on your primary profile page.

From your profile page, click on the Team icon to invite and manage team members and to see information about team members usage of the platform.

From your profile page, click on the Admin icon to give team members administrator access and manage team member acts.

Click to access the tutorial: Managing team members.

Lesson 4: Share your community story

One of the best ways to inspire others is by sharing what you do in the community.  The seedership platform allows you to share in multiple ways. 

Click to access the tutorial: How do I share an act?

Lesson 5: Reporting

 Within the platform you can see various reporting features.  To access click the Admin icon on your profile page and then select the Reporting tab.

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