How do I manage acts in my profile?

Once an act is entered, you can adjust how you want the act to be presented on the platform.   

You have the ability to make an act public for everyone to see.  Or, you can make an act private.  A private act will still accumulate to your overall Total Kindness Impact score but the act will not be visible on your act history page.  You can also choose to feature acts on your profile page.  It is also possible to edit or delete acts from the Act Management tab in the Admin Center.

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To do this, access your Admin center and click on the act management tab.

Here you can decide if you want this act to be visible to the public in your act history.  Public acts can be viewed by anyone.  If you make the act private, the information from the act will aggregate to your TKI score but it will not be visible to the public.

You can also determine if you want to feature this act on your main profile page. 

You can also select to edit acts or delete acts.

If you have the connect platform, you can also manage the acts entered by your team.  Access the Employee Acts tab.  Each act that is entered will first need you to accept or reject that act to be included in your business profile.  After you make that determination, you can then choose if you want to make that public or feature on your main profile page.

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